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West Jakarta Immigration Office Provides Special Services for Elderly and Disabled Persons

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Layanan Disabilitas Kanim Jakbar

West Jakarta Immigration Office provides priority immigration services to Elderly and people with disabilities.

The inaugural service is open on Tuesday (3/4) and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00 until finished.

West Jakarta Immigration Office, Abdul Rahman said the service aims to provide broader insight and understanding among the community to respect elderly and people with disabilities.

"We give ease in the immigration service and our officers will help proactively" he said.

Ease of service provided by the applicant can come directly without registering online. In addition it also provided a separate booth separate with other applicants.

West Jakarta Immigration Office will provide special times and areas for services. With these facilities it is expected that all elderly (above 60 years) and persons with disabilities obtain excellent service.

On that occasion, a person with a disability named Habibi Afsyah (33 years old) became the first passport applicant to enjoy the service.

Habibi said the service provides facilities for people with disabilities such as himself who will access public services such as passport applications.

"Now it's easier than when I took care of my previous passport, hopefully the other offices are also easier access," he added.

Also attending the inauguration were the Head of Administration Division of The Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regional Office Jakarta, Nuni Suryani, Head of Sub Directorate of Immigration Checpoints Site Hongky Juanda, Head of Social Service of Jakarta Province, Masrokhan, and observers from NGOs. (mfs)

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