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Establishment of Presidential Regulation Number 20 of 2018 on the Use of Foreign Workers, Director General of Immigration Gathers Immigration Division Heads and Immigration Office Heads

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Bandung (20/04) -  Director General of Immigration will give direction to Immigration Division Heads, Immigration Office Heads and Immigration Detention Heads across Indonesia on Friday, April 20, 2018 in Bandung. This is a follow up to the issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 20 of 2018 on the Use of Foreign Workers (TKA) enacted on 29 March 2018.

The Directorate General of Immigration has an interest in conveying this policy to all levels of immigration. Presidential Decree Number 20 of 2018 presents fundamental changes regarding the mechanism and procedures for the use of foreign workers from the point of view of Manpower and Immigration.

The spirit of the substance of this Presidential Regulation is the bureaucratic cuts and the simplification of the flow in licensing the use of foreign workers. However, there are no changing norms or stipulations in terms of licensing the use of foreign workers. Related to this, all Immigration Implementers are required to understand and can actualize the mandate contained in Presidential Decree Number 20 of 2018.

Technical implementation scheme in terms of licensing the use of TKA that is Online based utilizing Information Technology by integrating system owned by Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Law and Human Rights in this case General Directorate of Immigration.

By referring to the concept of One Single Submission, the concept will encourage effective and efficient service as it avoids physical encounters between officers and applicants. In practice, this simplification will also cut the service process time.

Employment and Immigration License for the use of TKA will be supported by an application that is accessible to the applicant, in this case the employer. The application is integrated with all technical functions, including the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Finance, the General Directorate of Immigration, and the General Directorate of General Law Administration (AHU).

The application procedure, issuance and payment of licensing of foreign workers use at the Ministry of Manpower is conducted in one application integrated with the General Directorate of AHU in relation to the presentation of company / employer data.

This application is also connected with the Ministry of Finance in terms of payment of Non-Tax Revenue (PNBP) through the Information System of Online PNBP (SIMPONI).

Applications for licensing the use of foreign workers through the application of the Ministry of Manpower is part of the unity which is also used as a permit application for immigration for foreign workers.

The applicant conducts the process of payment and issuance of immigration permit for prospective foreign workers by utilizing one application of General Directorate of Immigration which has been integrated with the Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Finance.

Through the application, the employer makes payment of all immigration documents required by the applicant candidate online including the Limited Stay Permit (ITAS).

Prospective foreign workers who have received a Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) at the Representative Office of the Republic of Indonesia will then arrive in Indonesia through the Immigration Checkpoints (TPI) and will get ITAS immediately after they have been given entry.

Presidential Decree Number 20 of 2018 shall take effect 3 (three) months after it is enacted, so its implementation needs to be supported by technical guidance and implementation in the form of Ministerial Regulation. Related system will also be realized for immigration ranks throughout Indonesia and in the Office of the RI Representative can implement the mandate properly and appropriately.

It is expected that the implementation of Presidential Regulation No. 20 of 2018 will create a good investment climate in order to improve the Indonesian economy on a national scale and still uphold the sense of justice and employment opportunities for the people of Indonesia.

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