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Leads Supervision Operations, the Director General of Immigration Asks Hotel Manager to Complete Online Foreigner Reporting Application.

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Kunjungan Dirjenim ke Manado

Director General of Immigration, Ronny F. Sompie, led a foreigner surveillance operation in the tourist resort of Lembeh Island, Bitung City, North Sulawesi on Saturday (7/4).

On the occasion, the Director General of Immigration reprimanded the resort manager who did not complete the reporting of foreigners staying at the resort.

The resort does not report how long the foreigners staying and what  brings them to Indonesia.

"It should be in this column (on foreigners report) added how long they stay, also it should be written where from they traveled ," said Ronny to the resort officer.

No immigration violations were found against foreigners encountered on site. The Director General of Immigration also delivered a message on the use of Foreigners' supervisory application (APOA) to inn and resort managers.

"We have to guide the owners of the inn to report the presence of foreigners living in their territory to anticipate if any foreigners are on the international search list," he said.

Added by the resort manager that they are still using manual reports. This is because the internet network in the region is still slow, so it should be reported manually to the immigration office.

"We'll find a solution for lodging resorts to report regularly to the immigration office," Ronny said.

Lembeh Island is included in the working area of the Bitung Second Class Immigration Office. It has been a while since Lembe Island became the mainstay tourist attraction of Bitung City which is much visited by foreign tourists. On this island there are 20 (twenty) inns and resorts that usually provide diving packages (diving).

Head of Immigration Division Kemenkumham Sulut Dody Karnida said during the period 1Januari until 31 March 2018 there are 31,484 foreigners enter the region of North Sulawesi.

"The amount is the number of foreigners who come through Sam Ratulangi International Airport which is mostly from a direct flight from China," he explained.

Also participating in foreign surveillance teams namely the Heads of Immigration Office of North Sulawesi and the Foreign Border Control Team of Bitung City.

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