Denpasar IDC Held the Declaration of Integrity Zone towards WBK/WBBM of 2019

MANGAPURA, Denpasar Immigration Detention Center (IDC) held the Declaration of Integrity Zone towards Corruption-Free Zone (WBK)/ Serving and Clean Bureaucracy Zone (WBBM) at the Denpasar IDC office yard on Thursday (20/12/2018).

The performance declaration roll call was directly led by the Chief of Denpasar IDC (Saroha Manullang). In his remarks, he said that the performance commitment was not just a lip service, but it had to be implemented in performing the work throughout 2019, to reach the integrity zone of WBK/WBBM. In carrying out the agenda, it was expected that all staffs increased their coordination by involving other work units within the work area of Denpasar IDC, which comprised of Bali and NTB region. The purpose was to improve the performance of Denpasar IDC in handling immigrants or asylum seekers.

Moreover, the Denpasar IDC also committed in creating a clean, corruption-free and illegal-levies free governance. To implement the commitment, all staffs at the Denpasar IDC signed the declaration of integrity zone towards WBK/WBBM.

IDC is a part of the Directorate General of Immigration which functions as shelter for foreign nationals who violate their immigration permit, while waiting for their return to the home country and for deportation.

The services at the Denpasar IDC is based on Human Rights. Even though the foreign nationals were the breaker of immigration permit, their rights for health and nursing care were protected and implemented, even though with all of limitation on the facilities, resources and funds.

This declaration activity was fully supported by the Head of Immigration Regional Division of Bali, Head of Bali Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Director General of Immigration, Secretary General of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Inspector General of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Minister of Law and Human Rights and the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN RB).

Besides that, the Denpasar IDC also conducted immigration supervision on the refugees coming from abroad and independent refugees within the work area of Denpasar Bali IDC together with other stake holders, in accordance with the Presidential Regulation Number 125 of 2016 on the Handling of Refugees from Abroad.

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