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Newly Immigration Office Unit Unveiled in Brebes

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To enhance and outreach immigration services in the Regency of Brebes, the local government established a branch office, so-called the Immigration Office Unit (UKK) on 27 March 2019 and launched by the Director General of Immigration Ronny F. Sompie.

In the inauguration, the Regent of Brebes Idza Priyanti expected the UKK to enable residents living around Brebes and Tegal to effectively apply travel documents. Moreover, the UKK provides an excellent service of applying passport for umrah and hajj purposes. Before, applicants had come to Immigration office in Pemalang Regency, but now they can proceed to Brebes UKK.

Brebes is known as one of the regions where most passport applicants had the purposes for working as a migrant worker and travelling for umrah/hajj. In 2018, it was recorded 31.557 passport applicants from the Brebes Regency. Reaching 9.000 people applied for the 24-pages and the 48-pages passports until February 2019. For these reasons, the government of Brebes Regency founded the UKK. Besides, the Pemalang Immigration Office has already limited its passport application to only 150 applicants per day.

The Director General of Immigration explained that the new UKK will help boost the local economy, especially increase the foreign currency exchange. The immigration service also provides visa and permits service for foreigners to underpin benefits which may contribute to development of the region and the community.

The government of Brebes Regency has made some efforts before establishing the UKK, such as conducting the study visit or comparative study to some other regions, drafting the MoU between the government of Brebes Regency and the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Central Java, having a coordination meeting with the Head of Immigration Regional Division and the Director General of Immigration, and approving the MoU on Brebes UKK.


Translator: Yessy Successly

Editor: Ridwan Arifin

Date: 16 Mei 2019

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