A drug test undertaken for 90 Immigration Officers: if fail, they will be fired!

 90 Pegawai Imigrasi Tes Urine, Bila Terindikasi Narkoba akan Dipecat!

Monday (18/3/2019), the Polonia Immigration Office and the Immigration Regional Division of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of North Sumatera undertook a drug testing program for all employees at Jl. Mangkubumi No 2, Medan, Senin (18/3/2019).

Tribun reported that the officers took their turns entering a toilet and put their urine in a small bottle provided by the medical staff.

The medical staffs of Eshmun Public Hospital accompanied by immigration staff were monitoring the test to prevent the sample exchange.

The Head of Immigration Permit and Information Division of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of North Sumatera Zulkifli Ahmad mentioned that 90 officers had taken the drug test through their urine sample.

“The immigration office and the immigration regional division have 90 officers. We hope none of them to consume drugs because they will less likely to provide an excellent public service, when they are involved in a drug abuse. That is our main concern,” he explained to Tribun.

He even pointed out if any employees are proven to misuse drugs, they will be imposed on a punishment like a termination of employment.

“If any officers are proven to use drugs, we will investigate how officers are involved and to consider any possibilities to put them in a rehabilitation. If it is not possible, we will recommend the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to impose more strict punishment,” he described.

The Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly orders to terminate an employment for those consuming narcotics. It is to remind the employee to stay clean from drug trafficking and to support the government’s program in fighting against a drug abuse.

“The minister has reminded every employee, if proven guilty for consuming drugs, they will be fired. This warning is also addressed for all immigration officers in Indonesia,” he confirmed.

Zul added that the Polonia Immigration Office had campaigned a Corruption-Free Zone in 2019 referring to the national program of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. 

“The Polonia Immigration Office is titled to the Corruption-Free Zone which is relevant with the anti-narcotics program. Without consuming drugs, the officers can provide an excellent public service,” he claimed.

He confirmed that the Immigration office also had participated in the dissemination of national program on the prevention and eradication of drugs abuse and distribution of illicit drugs.

“The drug test result will be announced in two days. We are confident that no one exchange the urine sample because we are closely supervising them,” he ended.


Translator: Yessy Successly

Editor: Ridwan Arifin

Date: 27 Mei 2019




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