5 Foreigners Deported by Makassar Immigration Office

 Imigrasi Makassar

Makassar Immigration Office deported 5 foreigners. Most of them overstayed their permit and some were charged for a violation of law in South Sulawesi.

“From January to March, there are 5 foreigners deported. Three are Malaysians and the other two are Russian and German,” said the Chief of Makassar Immigration Office Andi Pallawarukka on Saturday (16/3).

The deportation was conducted in stages. At the beginning of January, Immigration returned Oleg Rosanov to Russia and followed by a Malaysian, Haeruddin Bin Saleng.

In February, Immigration deported Lars Saade to Germany. In the beginning of March, Liman Bin Ali was removed to Malaysia. On Friday (15/3), Immigration returned another Malaysian named Mohd Fazley Bin Faizal.

Only one deportee named Mohd Fazley Bin Faizal was recorded to have ever been deported to his home country, Malaysia. “The man was arrested during the raid, for not showing any identifications. The police officer thought that he was an Indonesian Migrant Worker,” told Pallawarukka.

Not long after living temporarily in South Sulawesi, he contacted the Malaysian Embassy in Indonesia. After the investigation, the citizenship status of Mohd Fazley Bin Faizal was confirmed as a Malaysian.

After series of investigation, he was proceeded to a detention room, before being deported to his home country. “So, everyone can take the lesson from this incident. Either its citizen or Indonesian migrant workers not holding any permits are imposed on a deportation order”, he explained.

One foreigner remains and will be returned home immediately. Roland Akuwere, the PNG citizen will be deported after his new travel document is issued by the PNG Embassy. “He will probably be deported next week because we are still waiting for his new travel document from PNG Embassy,” he ended.


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