Overcoming Passport Brokering, DGI join force with the Saber Pungli Task Force

Director General of Immigration Ronny F Sompie said that immigration will working together with the Saber Pungli illegal levies eradication task force to crack down on the parties involved in the brokering of online passport.

Crime related this information technology is the second case, after the online registration case was previously revealed.

According to Ronny, if any immigration officers involved in these cases, they will be handed over to police investigator to process the investigation up to court.

It is aimed to give a deterrent effect for people involved in syndicate by using information technology on online passport registration system.

“This criminal act is extremely outrageous. If a good service effort is misused by a syndicate, the law enforcement efforts to give a deterrent effect is needed” Ronny F Sompie said, Sunday (9/9/2019).

Director General of Immigration is extremely grateful of the cooperation of Capital City Police Bandung in assisting Immigration Office Class 1 Bandung in revealing the case.

Source: www.beritasatu.com

Original Title: Atasi Percaloan Paspor, Ditjen Imigrasi Gandeng Tim Saber Pungli

Translator: Arum Apriliyana/Humas Ditjenim

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