Free Visa for Indonesian to Visit Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is offering free visa for Indonesian who want to visit this country since Monday (30/9).

“Start from 30 September 2019, Indonesian citizens could enter and exit Kazakhstan without visa and stays no more than 30 days.” Embassy of Kazakhstan in Jakarta in its press release.

This policy is based on the Resolution of Kazakhstan No. 693 signed by Prime Minister Askar Mamin on 18 September 2019.

This resolution is a replacement of previous regulation as stated in article 17 Regulation of Government of Republic of Kazakhstan No. 148 dated 21 January 2012.

Besides Indonesia, the policy of free visa Kazakhstan also applied for other countries, such as Filipina.   


Original title: Kazakhstan berlakukan bebas visa untuk Indonesia mulai hari ini

Penerjemah: Arum Apriliyana/Humas Ditjenim

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