Immigration Deported 14 Foreigners Arrested in Batam

Batam Immigration Office had deported 14 Taiwanese that previously arrested by police due to cybercrime in Batam.


“14 Taiwanese was deported to their country through Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Sunday (29/9/2019),’ explained Head of Batam Immigration Office, Lucky Agung Binarto, Tuesday (1/10/2019)

Besides 14 Taiwanese, Immigration also will deport 18 Chinese to their country.

"They are planned to be deported on Wednesday (2/10/2019) and their name will be put on blacklist to be deterred entering Indonesia.” said Lucky.

Meanwhile, 15 foreigners named as suspects after finding two pieces of evidence. They allegedly violate Law No 6/2011 article 112 letter a.

Prior to issuing a notice of the start of the investigation (SPDP), there will be a preliminary hearing with public prosecutor of Batam District Attorney Office and Barelang Resort Police Office.

Based on 33 foreigners are currently being detained in detention room of Batam Immigration Office for a further investigation.

Post the arrest of 47 foreigners involved in online scam network by Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit, Barelang police on Wednesday (18/9/2019) then the police bestowed the case to Batam Immigration Office.

Head of Batam Immigration Office, Lucky Agung Binarto explained that the case being delegated since there is no Indonesian victim. “meanwhile the victims of this online scam are only foreigners,” Lucky uttered in Batam Immigration Office (1/10/2019).

By investigating crime scene, there are 32 foreigners violated Law No. 6/2011 on Immigration article 75 paragraph 1 afterwards they will be deported and put in blacklist.

“and their name will be put on blacklist to be deterred entering Indonesia”, he added.

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Original Title: Imigrasi Deportasi 14 WNA Penjahat Siber yang Tertangkap di Batam ke Negara Asal

Translator: Arum Apriliyana/Humas Ditjenim

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