Medan Immigration Office Launches E-Passport

Muja Rajekshah tried the E-Passport process in Medan Immigration Office, Wednesday (30/10)

Medan Immigration Office launched Electronic Passport (E-Passport), Wednesday (30/10). The launching of e-Passport is to smoothen immigration service and to provide comfort to the society.

Head of Medan Immigration Office, Agato, stated that the e-Passport is equipped with chip and antenna, the holder will be able to go through passport check via auto gate. So, this will minimize the queuing line in passport checking in airport, seaport and other places.

To apply e-passport, there is no special requirement and the process is the same with regular passport. However, the application fee is more expensive since it has the sophisticated technology and is integrated will all existing auto gate.

“The main purpose of e-passport is to broaden the passport issuance center. The application gee is Rp. 650.000. and Medan Immigration Office is ready to issue passports in one day by paying Rp. 1 million as additional fee. So, there will be no intermediary,” he said.

E-passport holder will also get benefit of free waiver to Japan. However, for regular passport holder in order to change it to e-passport, the regular passport should be lost, damaged or full.

“The requirements are same; however, the regular passport holders are only able to apply for e-passport if their passport are lost, damaged or full. They can not change it just for following the trend.’ he said.

Vice governor North Sumatera Muja Rajeshah appreciate the effort of Medan Immigration Office to enhance its quality and service for the public by the launching of e-passport. According to him, this can be an example for other institution to advance the service to the public and tourists.

“We need to appreciate especially Medan Immigration Office. By e-Passport, the citizen of Sumatra Utara will be easier to travel to foreign countries, as well as tourists to enter our territory,” he explained.

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Original title : Kantor Imigrasi Medan Luncurkan E-Paspor

Translator : Arum

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