Passport for Faridah delivered straight to home by Immigration officer


By noon, a group of immigration officer departed by one unit of car, from Banjarmasin Immigration Office, Jl. A. Yani km 22, Landasan Ulin, Banjarbaru, Monday (23/1/2017).

It was led by the Head of Immigration Movement of People Section, Khairil Anwar. The Head of Immigration Information and Means Communication Section, Syafwan, the Head of Administration Subdivision, Yuliansyah, and the Head of Communication Subdivision, Sahmir, could not wait to meet Faridah.

The group represented the Head of Banjarmasin Immigration Office, Purwadi. Faridah is a 62 years old woman. A part of this woman’s body has not functioned normally, but her willingness to Umroh (lesser Hajj/Pilgrimage). Especially the first Umroh in her life.

Deep Empathy was felt by the Banjarmasin Immigration Office. Priority services was provided, such as speed up the process passport production, even the passport was delivered straight to Farida’s house in Cambai Village, Bangkal Subdistrict, Cempaka Banjarbaru.

Faridah’s house is quite secluded, far from the village crowd. The groups’ car had to pass through red dirt road, full of puddles.

“Thank you, Alhamdulillah,” said Farida in somber and teary eyes when receiving the passport. She was happy that she would depart for Umroh this February and the passport was completed quickly.

The Head of Immigration Movement of People Section, Khairil Anwar, said that this was part of Hari Bhakti Imigrasi (The 67th Immigration Anniversary). This is a social work in the form of passport delivery service for elderly and people who are sick. The priority of the Immigration Anniversary this year is public services.

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