24 Illegal Foreign Nationals were Nabbed


BALIKPAPAN-Many foreign nationals in Balikpapan do not have proper administrative documents. It was proven that in five days of concurrent sweeping, 16-20 January, Balikpapan Immigration Office apprehended 24 illegal foreign nationals.

The Head of Balikpapan Immigration Office, Pamuji Raharja, said that in the sweeping operation, the foreign nationals nabbed were dominated by those from China, 15 people. Moreover, three people from South Korea, five people from Malaysia, and one person from Singapore. “This is based on the Warrant of Director General of Immigration concerning a concurrent sweeping of foreign national supervision,” he said.

He explained, most of the foreign national apprehension was from team sweeping, public report, and delegation from the Manpower Agency. The apprehension was conducted due to stay permit violation commited by the foreign national, such as inappropriate use of stay permit and overstay. The period of their stay permit was expired, but they keep on staying without extending the stay permit period and without reporting to immigration. “The location spread, in Penajam, several hotels in Balikpapan such as Benakutai Hotel, Whizz Hotel, Kilometer 5, and insurance company. We will dig deeper. They may be subjected to immigration administrative sanction, deportation, or legal action ,” he said.

Meanwhile, for the foreign national from Singapore as a delegated case from the Manpower Agency, the sanction was clear, which is deported, as regulated in Article 75, Law number 6 of 2011 on Immigration. “The other were still referring to legal action,” he explained.

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