Immigration Response


Referring to a letter from Mr. Muhammad Jusuf concerning “Passport Extension” in Kompas newspaper (Wednesday, 7/12/16), we thank you for your feedback and we apologize for the inconvenience.

In the process of photo session, interview and passport pickup, we use FIFO (first in first out) principle, so that fairness in services will be created. Based on report from our immigration officer, you had met him and asked for a special service as a senior journalist.

We implement priority services for elderly above 60 years old, children under 3 years old, and people with disability. Our officer had given you policy to obtain the priority service on the basis of aged above 60 years old.

Regarding an information that there was a passport pander asking for Rp 800.000,- in South Jakarta Immigration Office, we will follow up an action because we are commited to eradicate passport pander. Therefore, we are looking for more information to be able to prosecute the offender.

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