Improving Passport Services, Immigration Implements Online Passport Queue Application and Passport Replacement Facility only by Attaching Identity Card and Old Passport

To improve the quality of passport services, Immigration does the following:

  1. Implementing the android-based Application, as an innovation from the Directorate General of Immigration, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, that is named Online Passport Queue Application, which provides convenience to passport applicants so they do not need to queue at the Immigration Office;
  2. Implementing the WhatsApp Gateway Service (WAGS) Application which becomes an innovation that will connect communication between immigration officers and passport applicants regarding the passport issuance process, particularly notifying the applicant that the passport has been completed;
  3. Immigration also provides ease of procedures and requirements for passport replacement which is a policy for an effective and efficient bureaucracy. The goal is to simplify the bureaucratic stages in issuing passport through the Management Information System of Immigration (SIMKIM), by simply requiring an identity card and an old passport. Passport replacement is completed within 1 (one) day since the payment is made.

This innovation is implemented through trial that has been conducted since May 16, 2017 in the South Jakarta Immigration Office. In the future, after going through evaluation, it will be developed gradually in several Immigration Offices and then in all Immigration Offices in Indonesia. With this innovation, the passport applicants obtain the convenience and ease of queue-related Immigration services.

The latest application from Immigration can be downloaded via playstore with keyword "Passport queue" or by clicking the following link:

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