Palembang Immigration Helps Increasing the Levy of Foreign Workers

ANTARA Sumsel, May 10th 2017


Palembang (ANTARA Sumsel) - Palembang Immigration Office, South Sumatra, is trying to increase state revenues from levy of foreign workers who works in a company in this province of 17 districts and cities.

"To help increasing the levy, the activity of foreign workers (TKA) supervision are tightened to prevent stay permit violation and violation of other Immigration Laws that could potentially lose the state revenues," said the Head of Palembang Immigration Office, Budiono Setiawan, in Palembang, Tuesday.


According to him, based on the prevailing provisions, foreign workers must have official permission as workers and pay the levy to the local government of where he/she is working, as much as 100 US dollars per month.

By tightening the supervision, if there is a foreign national who tries to enter with a regular visit permit and instead working on a company in this area, he/she can be detected quickly and be imposed a strict legal sanction, he said.

He explained that based on the monitoring by the officer of the Immigration Supervision and Law Enforcement Section (Wasdakim) together with members of the joint foreign national supervision team (Poras), there has not been detected or found illegal foreign worker (TKA) employed in several plantation, mining and energy companies in the area of South Sumatera.

"From this January to May 2017 there has not been detected any foreign workers that is illegal or without work permit in accordance with immigration provisions, this condition is expected to be maintained," he said.

With strict supervision, in the last two years, hundreds of illegal foreign workers have been found in Lahat Regency, and have been handled legally in accordance with Immigration Regulation.

Based on data, there are 293 foreign workers from China who work in PT Priamanaya Energy in Lahat Regency. The illegal foreign workers were found by a team of the Muara Enim Immigration Office and the Lahat Manpower Office because they did not have work permits and were not equipped with a valid immigration document.

Illegal foreign workers involved in the construction of Steam Power Plant (PLTU) have been deported to their country of origin after being processed in accordance with local government regulations and proven to violate Regulation No. 6 of 2011 on Immigration.

In order to prevent the similar cases from happening in the work area of Palembang Immigration Office, including Banyu Asin District, Musi Banyuasin, Ogan Ilir and Ogan Komering Ilir Regency (OKI), the immigration officers try to strictly supervise the foreign workers by mapping their existance, he said.

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