Thousands of Indonesian migrant workers children are not documented

KONTRIBUTOR NUNUKAN, SUKOCO - 07/11/2017 - Immigration Office of Nunukan District, North Kalimantan, will perform data collection on the children of TKI who attend school there. The majority of TKI children are parents working in palm oil plantations in Malaysia and do not have passports.
Immigration Office  Section Head of Nunukan Jumiyo District said the data collection was conducted to find out the number of TKI children who do not have documents in Nunukan school.
"We have not got the data yet but with this new program we will as well  be able to inventory actual data?" Jumiyo said, Monday (6/11/2017).
Because they do not have passports, these migrant workers will travel illegally to Malaysia to visit their parents during school holidays. In fact, according to Jumiyo, there are also schoolchildren who were deported back to Nunukan because of being caught by the Malaysian apparatus when they got there.
"Most of them want to go home together, even if someone has a passport not through immigration checks," he added.
According to the plan, the Nunukan District Immigration Office will provide ease of passport handling for TKI children who attend school in Nunukan to avoid problems when going to Malaysia and return to Nunukan for school.
The facilities provided includes the management of the birth certificate and family card made by the school with the address of the residence in the school mess. Data from Nunukan District Education Office in 2015, in Nunukan Regency there are more than 1,000 TKI students in junior and senior high schools.
"If it is true that there is no document, we will try to provide a document. We are a functioning government, directing them to comply with the provisions, "said Jumiyo.
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