Risma Gives Data Access to Immigration for Citizenship Passport

DETIKNEWS. November 17, 2017 - Surabaya - Surabaya City Government wants its citizens to make passports in the licensing mall that exists in Siola building. To that end, the municipal government will provide data access for the process of making a passport quickly.
To fulfill the wishes, Tri Rismaharini Mayor held a meeting with the Head of Immigration Office of Class 1 of Surabaya Tarmin Satiawan in the waki city office on Tuesday (7/11/2017).
"Implementing one-stop siola service, as soon as it gets better, while there are no obstacles, so all are called to speed up the process," said the Head of the Special Class Immigration Office of Surabaya Tarmin Satiawan after the meeting.
In a meeting at the Mayor's office, the Surabaya City Government will support residence data to speed up the passport submission process.
"The law can not specifically serve the citizens of Surabaya alone, but the people of Surabaya can be quick because we use the data Disepndukcapil," said Tarmin.
Initially the meeting took place a lot, because the immigration authorities are based on the applicable rules of the applicant's passport must fill in the blank and bring the requirements in the photocopy
Risma also took the policy so that the immigration can access the population data of Surabaya. "So the blank can use the sofcopy, I can save paper Rp 19 billion for a year.If the data when the process is not the same then the problem will be our selasaikan together.Please do not let the complain submission process complained of complicated hardcopy requirements," said Risma.
The first women's mayor in Surabaya is also committed to the needs of the immigration authorities in order to provide passport services in the mall permissions.
"If the problem, I will make MoU Immigration with Dispendukcapil and send a letter to the director general and related ministers," added Risma.
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