The construction of the Bekasi Immigration Office was rejected by the Ministry of Home Affairs

WARTA KOTA, November 14, 2017 - BEKASI - The plan for the construction of the Immigration Office of Class II Bekasi and Penitentiary II A Bekasi in Bekasi City was not approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri).
For its development, use the Regional Budget (APBD) of Bekasi City in 2017 and 2018.
Whereas the two facilities are the responsibility of the central government in this case the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (HAM).
 Although the institutional hierarchy of these two facilities is the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, but the local government has a hand in handling the development, "Rahmat said when giving a speech on the first stone laying at the Bekasi II Immigration Bureau, Jalan Perjuangan, Bekasi Utara, 11).
Rahmat rate, both buildings are very helpful in obtaining immigration services and mentors in the prison.
Almost every day there are about 300-350 applicants at the Immigration office. Even in prisons already inhabited by 1,700 citizens built, whereas its capacity is only able to accommodate 450 people.
Therefore, he believes the local government is obliged to build the facility using grant funds.
"The money is from Bekasi city tax and help from DKI Provincial partnership and West Java Provincial Assistance," he said.
According to Rahmat, his side must go through a long process to get approval from Kemendagri.
During the meeting, Kota Bekasi, Kemendagri and Kemenkum HAM always focused on the institutional hierarchy that handles the construction of Immigration and Prison Offices.
Kemendagri holds that the task of building these two facilities is not a regional authority, but a vertical institution or a central government.
Although often rejected, but the area many times come to Kemendagri to ensure, this development for the citizens of the City of Bekasi.
The local government also mentioned, almost 60 percent who got both services were residents of Bekasi City.
"At the end of the meeting, the Ministry of Home Affairs agreed that they are building this vertical institution facility, not only for related institutions but more importantly its essence to serve the citizens of Bekasi City," he explained. (faf)
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