Story of Afghan immigrants search for asylum to sleep in chicken noodle stall

SEMARANG, - Blue tent to be shelter for Muhammad Husein (33) and his family during his stay in the city of Semarang, Central Java.
For 9 days, the citizen of Afghanistan was riding in a semi-permanent tent that is used every day to sell chicken noodles. "I've been 9 days (staying) here," said Husein, Tuesday (7/11/2017).
He said his arrival to Indonesia was due to the insecurity of Afghanistan. Houses in her hometown were destroyed by victims of war in recent years.
Armed with mats, Hussein and his family decided to stay in Semarang. The tent is also a place for him to avoid the hot sun and rain that almost every night flushed the city of Semarang.
The tent owner, Sabar (51), confirmed the Afghan immigrants stayed in his tent for 9 days. But this afternoon, Hussein and his family moved.
"He was here, sleeping 9 days in this shop .. At half past 11 brought to immigration detention vehicle, baseball know where to move," said Sabar, when met, Tuesday.
The large bag containing the luggage was covered in white plastic, then tied on a green table in the tent.
The tent belonging to Patience (51) was also established. On the side of the tent, there is a river with blackish water. The sound of the rail siren also echoed from the tent.
In the city of Semarang, Husein actually wanted to stay temporarily at the Immigration Detention Center (Rudenim) on Jalan Hanoman Raya, Semarang.Tenda blue mi chicken is exactly in the office.
Hussein and his family can not stay because the shelter is full of other immigrants. Although not allowed to stay in Rudenim, Hussein is not broken charcoal. He and his family desperately stayed in a blue tent of chicken noodle stall.
The 3x4 meter blue awning is a shade for Husein, his wife Qudsiah (30) and his three children Ali Khisoh (9), Ahmad (7), and Ilyas (3)
The small family intends to seek asylum in Indonesia. They are immigrants from Ghazni City, Eastern Afghanistan. While in Indonesia, the family has lived for four months in Bogor.
According to Sabar, the condition of immigrant families who live in his chicken noodle tent invites the concerns of local residents. Poor citizens, especially in his three children often give lunch and dinner. Passers-by also sometimes give food or snacks.
According to Sabar, Hussein and his family accepted the donation. Actually, Hussein brings money. But the number continues to thin.
"He was not able to communicate Indonesian, even his little son can (Indonesia) a piece," he explained.
Section Head of Security and Order Rudenim Semarang, Dwi Alfa Novando explained, the immigration detention can not do much because the condition of the shelter is already full. From the beginning, the office has asked the small family to return to Bogor.
"Every day we go, they still choose to stay there, and we want them to return to their community in Bogor," he said.
Now Husein and his family have been transported by car by the Immigration Detention Center officers. They were returned to their homes in Bogor, West Java.
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