Commemoration of the 68th Anniversary of the Immigration Day: Menkumham Awarded the Head of Public Relations & General Directorate General of Immigration, Agung Sampurno


Jakarta (26/01) - Minister of Law and Human Rights awarded to the Head of Public Relations and General Directorate General of Immigration, Agung Sampurno for his role as Chairman of Legal Team of Directorate General of Immigration in 2017, on the 68th anniversary of the 68th Immigration Day held in the field ceremony of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia on Friday (26/1).
The ceremony was attended by officials and officials in the Directorate General of Immigration, the representative of immigration officers from the Immigration Office of Jabodetabeka.
In his mandate as a ceremonial inspector, Yasonna invited the Immigration Bureau to make the Immigration Day as a good moment for self introspection and evaluation, mutual synergy, and mutual strengthening, so that the role of Immigration Ministry of Justice and Human Rights can be more optimal in performing immigration tasks and functions , while playing an active role in national development.
This is important to do, because the challenge of immigration in the future will increase, the complexity of the problem is more diverse. So that the immigration ranks should continue to be vigilant, introspective, and clean up to be the best.
Age 68 years is no longer a young age, but it is the stage of maturity and maturity. Immigration ranks should continue to innovate and perform more accountably. Now is the time for Immigration from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights to think revolutionary and abandon conventional ways.
Menkumham invites to think "out of the box" by maintaining integrity and accountability values. Because sometimes we forget that as a civil apparatus of the state our duty is to serve the community.
In the year 2018, Yasonna no longer want to hear no illegal fees or special lines in the management of immigration documents.
In addition, state security against foreign dangers becomes one of the immigration responsibilities as the gatekeepers of the beloved NKRI.
In 2017, various achievements have been achieved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, including the Immigration Department which contributed to several achievements. Achievement is not only to make us complacent, but must continue to perform high, because the expectations and expectations of society is getting higher.
On this occasion, some things need to be addressed to be the attention of the immigration line: First; Related to the immigration service problems that still many people complain about, Yasonna asks Immigration line to improve the quality of service especially SIMKIM repair.
This is important, because the reliability of SIMKIM is expected to minimize "leak time" or delay. The improvement is expected to improve the quality and completeness of immigration data. It is our commitment to consistently implement e-Government in all areas of service, especially immigration services.
Secondly; By the end of 2017, the ranks of kemenkumham have received Performance Align Increases, and have also agreed through the Performance Appointment Declaration to perform better, effectively and efficiently. In line with this, it has also been agreed to jointly Build an Integrity Zone Toward a Corruption Free Area (WBK) and a Clean Bureaucracy and Serve Area (WBBM).
Therefore, all Immigration Implementation Technical Unit of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights are instructed to immediately improve their work and performance so that the Immigration line succeed in achieving WBK / WBMM Predicate this year.
Third: The whole range of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights including the immigration line, again reminded to work PROFESSIONAL, ACCOUNTABLE, SYNERGICAL, TRANSPARENT, INNOVATIVE. Eliminate egosektoral bulkheads that are only handcuffed. Use budgets accountably, measurably, and impact society.
Yasonna believes that Immigration will be able to realize Immigration task and function with SURE of Smile (Sympathetic, Mumpuni, Integritas, Lugas, and Empati).
Fourth; In line with the enactment of Presidential Regulation No. 91 of 2017 on Acceleration of Entrepreneurship, it is requested to all Immigration Offices wherever located, to actively perform services, simplify and develop online systems in order to accelerate the settlement of business licensing.
It is absolutely necessary to be implemented for the full implementation of the Immigration Function, as mandated in Article 1 Sub-Article 3 of Law Number 6 Year 2011 on Immigration in providing services, law enforcement, state security, and community welfare facilitators. (hms)
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