The Minister: Answer with Real Performance and Works

Jakarta 08/01 - The entire ranks of kemenkumham are required to remain solid and compact in working, completing the remaining 2017 targets and implementing the 2018 target with complete and qualified, as Menkumham started the declaration of performance appointment held in the field of ceremony kemenkumham, Monday 8 January 2018.
In 2018 as the political year, Yasonna called on the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to maintain neutrality and freedom from any political ideology.
In addition, there will be two international agendas to be held in Indonesia, ASIAN GAMES and IMF World Bank Annual Meetings, therefore the Directorate General of Immigration is specifically requested to coordinate with ministries / Agencies related to the agenda.
Kemenkumham has received a performance benefit raise and performance upgrades, therefore ASN Kemenkumham is asked to continue implementing bureaucratic reforms through the implementation of 8 areas of change consistently.
Yasonna hopes that in 2018 there will be a working unit that has achieved the Corruption Free Territory (WBK) / Bureaucratic Area of Clean and Serve (WBBM).
This is important, as WBK / WBBM is an indicator that Kemenkumham's lineup is committed to performing better, more effectively and more efficiently.
Menkumham appreciate the quality of public service kemenkumham that has been in the green zone which means the quality of service is good enough, but he ordered to not feel quickly satisfied, the quality should be improved for the better.
ASN kemenkumham asked to focus on the implementation of task function by paying attention to output, outcome and impact generated.
Finally, menkumham cites a sentence of motivation "No need to doubt we are answered with words, answer with performance and real work"
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