Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Kalimantan Visiting Simpatik Passport Service in Banjarmasin Immigration Office

Head of Regional Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Imam Suyudi,who accompanied the Head of General Affairs, Rakhmat Renaldy visitING the Class I Office of Banjarmasin Banjarbaru.Sabtu, (20/01/2018)
Head of Regional Office, Imam Suyudi arrived at Kanim Banjarmasin around 12.00 WITA who was greeted by Head of Kanim, Syahrifullah and Kasi Lantaskim, Iwan Setiawan and Kasi Infokim, Eko Pratomo to motivate and encourage the spirit of employees who for the last 4 weeks have provided sympathy service in the form of passport on holiday.
"I give a tremendous appreciation to Kanin Banjarmasin Ranks,despite the heavy rainthey didn't loose the spirit, sincere and friendly in providing services to the community, hopefully this is not only because of the momentum of the Immigration Anniversary only but must be sustainable as a service to the people who apply for passport as usual . " Said Head of Regional Office, Imam Suyudi When monitoring the process of Simpatik Passport Service.
Additonally, "Passport service on holiday is not just for this time, just before every Hajj  departure schedule we also do passport service on special holidays pilgrims in cooperation with the Ministry of Religious Affairs and this time to make it easy for people who apply for passports, also in order to welcome 68th Anniversary of IMIGRATION "he added.
In order to enliven the 68th Day of Immigration Bhakti has conducted various activities such as Table Tennis, Social Bhakti and the relaxed way that the plan is implemented tomorrow. (Kanim Banjarmasin)


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