Director General of Immigration Inaugurates UKK Musi Rawas

Musi Rawas (29/01) Inauguration of UKK Mura office was conducted directly by the Director General of Immigration, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Ronny F. Sompie, Monday (29/01).
In his speech, Ronny expressed his pride for the initiation of this immigration UKK. "All is not achieved if local government does not give appreciation," said Ronny.
He added that if viewed from the strategic, geographical and demographic side, Musi Rawas UKK is able to serve 11 regencies / cities around. Starting from Musi Rawas own Regency, Lubuklinggau City, Muratara District, Empat Lawang Regency, Musi Banyuasin Regency (Muba) to Pagaralam City.
Then, side by side with Bengkulu Province can serve Rejang Lebong, Lebong and Kepahiang districts. While in Jambi Province could serve the community of Surolangun and Bangko.
In addition, the existence of UKK in Musi Rawas is not only beneficial for the community who will take care of the passport. But also provide services for foreigners (foreigners) either foreign tourists or potential investors and Labor so, can be issued a visa and a stay permit is limited. In fact, can permit stay as needed. Therefore, he continued, throughout 2018 it will conduct assessments and surveys of MEM Kabupaten Mura.
"Hopefully it can be upgraded as an Immigration Office, compared to Muara Enim Regency with strategic, geographic and demographic side, Mura District can be bigger than Muara Enim District The joint survey will be important for the improvement of UKK status in Mura Regency," he explained. .
Meanwhile, Regent Mura H Hendra Gunawan said, it has long dreamed to have an immigration office in Mura District. Although still a UKK, but almost every year the people of Mura Regency need public services, such as Umrah and other pilgrims. "This is a small part of our work to the public, which requires public services," he said.
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