Directorate General of Immigration Disseminates Work & Holiday Visa at STIPAR Triatma Jaya

Bali (31/01) - Sub Directorate of Immigration Visa do socialization as well as interview Work and Holiday Visa at Triatma Jaya Tourism High School located on Jl. Kubu Gunung, Dalung, Kuta - Bali, on Wednesday (31/01). This activity is conducted to introduce to the public, especially students about immigration duties and functions. Particularly describes the work & holiday visa, a cooperation scheme between the Indonesian and Australian governments to young Indonesians who already have a formal diploma of D3 and S1 or who are still studying in Australia to have a chance to work during the holidays.
Work and Holiday Visa
Work and Holiday Visa
Team from Directorate General of Immigration accepted by I Ketut Sutapa as Chairman of STIPAR Triatma Jaya.
The interviews conducted by the Immigration Directorate Team received 150 applicants of the Work and Holiday Visa Recommendation Letter. The quota of applicants consists of 30 students STIPAR and the general applicant of 120 people. (hms)
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