Exclusively Serve the Making of Passport Pilgrims Hajj, Kanim Parepare Open Service Saturday-Sunday

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Parepare (26/2) - Class II Immigration Office of Parepare City, South Sulawesi provides special services to Haj pilgrims (JCH) for passport production on Saturday and Sunday to March 3, in order.
Since it opened Saturday, February 24 yesterday, the applicants have reached more than 1,000 people. They come from several districts and cities in South Sulawesi. Service is open from 7.30 until finished..
This is done to provide comfort and maximum service to the JCH.
"Thousands of JCHs from several districts serving as the working area of the Class II Parepare Immigration Office will be served. Among those from Sidrap District are 235 people, Parepare 100 people, Pinrang 346 people, 240 people Soppeng, Tana Toraja 34 People, Barru 172 people and Enrekang 188 people. For Wajo JCH Passport management is not done collectively, "said Imam Prawira, Head of Traffic Section and Immigration Status on Sunday (25/2).
Imam adds that for this particular service, the applicant does not need to take the queue number online and does not affect the system that has been running. Previously, Kanim Parepare had coordinated with the Directorate General of Immigration to ensure the service went smoothly.
For the sake of time efficiency, Kanim Parepare divided the service schedule as follows:
Date 24-25 February 2018: JCH Pinrang District,
March 3, 2018: JCH District Soppeng and Tana Toraja
March 4, 2018: JCH District Barru and Enrekang. (from various sources)
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