The Presence of Foreigners in Bekasi Anticipated by the Establishment of Foreigners Supervision Team (Timpora)

The Presence of Foreigners in Bekasi Anticipated by the Establishment of Foreigners Supervision Team (Timpora)

Bekasi (26/3) - Head of the Ministry’s Regional Office of West Java, Indro Purwoko confirmed the establishment of Foreigners Supervision Team (Timpora) of Bekasi Immigration Office at Harris Convention Hall on Monday (26/3). The formation of Timpora aims to facilitate coordination among agencies in the supervisory task of foreigners.

In his speech, Indro said that Timpora became a forum to exchange information about the existence and activities of foreigners as well as efforts to unite the perception in the implementation of the activities of each agency in order to achieve common goals.

"It is hoped that there will be synergy among various agencies related to foreigners' problems in terms of foreigners' supervision," he said.

Synergism is required in the framework of supervision of foreigners which has been specified in each Ministry/agency, and also to enhance collaboration between institutions.

Besides the mandate of the Immigration Law, personnel limitations and the vast area of Bekasi Immigration Office working area also became a consideration of the establishment of Timpora in Bekasi.

"It is impossible for our office alone with a limited personnel to conduct supervision for all foreigners. Therefore we must synergize so that law enforcement can be implemented to the maximum effort, "he said to the audience.

Previously, Head of Unity, Nation, and Political Agency (Kesbangpol) of Bekasi City Abdillah representing Temporary Official of Bekasi Mayor R. Ruddy Gandakusumah responded to the establishment of Timpora Bekasi Area as an effort to anticipate the arrival of foreigners in Bekasi area. The rapid development in Bekasi makes the city of Bekasi more alike Jakarta.

"With the rapid development in Bekasi, foreigners were attracted to live and doing activies in Bekasi. This Timpora establishment is a preparation for us to anticipate their arrival, "he said.

The inauguration of Timpora Bekasi was attended by 35 (thirty five) sub-district heads in the working area of Bekasi Immigration Office. In addition, there were personnel from the Police, TNI, and Regional Intelligence Community Forums.

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