Eight Filipinos Threatened with 5 Year Imprisonment and Fines

Eight Filipinos Threatened with 5 Year Imprisonment and Fines

(North Sulawesi 1/3/18) - Eight men who claim to be Filipinos, since February 28, 2018 have been placed in Immigration Detention Room of Tahuna Immigration Office. They were arrested at fish-keeping site around the waters of Tahuna in a joint operation between the Sangihe District and Foreign Fleet Quick Response (EFQR) Team of Fleet Force (LANAL) Tahuna, conducted on Wednesday (28/2) day.

They work as keepers of four fish-keeping sites owned by some Indonesians in Tahuna. In their confession, they have settled for more than 2 years and yet never stay long on the ground for fear of being caught by officers, especially the Timpora Members.

If the eight persons are proven to be true WN of the Philippines, meaning they have illegally entered Indonesia territory, without travel documents, visas, residence permits and permission to work as fishermen so that Article 119 of Law Number 6 of 2011 on Immigration stated (1) "Any foreigner who enters and / or resides in an Indonesian Territory who has no valid and valid Travel Documents and Visas shall be liable to a maximum imprisonment of 5 (five) years and a maximum fine of Rp500,000,000.00 (five hundred million)".

As for the owners of sites who have employed foreigners in a non-procedural manner, may be subject to criminal sanction by Article 124 of Law No.6  of 2011 stipulating that "Anyone who deliberately hides or protects or provides lodging or giving, livelihood or employment to a Foreigner known or suspected (a). located in the Territory of Indonesia illegally, shall be liable to a maximum imprisonment of 2 (two) years and / or a fine of a maximum of Rp200,000,000.00 (two hundred million rupiah);

In this case, Civil Service Investigator (PPNS) from Tahuna Immigration led by the Head of Immigration Supervision and Law Enforcement will cooperate with related institutions, especially with members of Timpora consisting of Navy, Police, Attorney and Kesbangpol and Consulate General of the Philippines for verification of their nationality.

To that end, the PPNS Immigration Division of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of North Sulawesi and the Directorate General will provide assistance and supervision to PPNS Kanim Tahuna in conducting an investigation.

As of March 1, the North Sulawesi Immigration Department has deported 13 Filipinos and 1 Ugandan citizen with the following cases: 

- 1 WN Uganda captured Kanim Tobelo in North Maluku. 

- 5 foreigners illegal fishing and 6 victims of the storm in Talaud were arrested by Kanim Tahuna 

- 1 person of Illegal Fishing Prisoner from Bitung prison and 1 person catches PSDKP Bitung

March 8, 2018 Rudenim Manado will deport 5 Filipino WN victims of storm in Talaud

For 1 person the WN Philippines on behalf of Abdul Sali Bin Usman who is a victim abandoned in the sea because his boat is damaged, still under the supervision of Kanim Manado as he is still waiting for his citizenship verification from the Philippine Consulate General in Manado.


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