Commitment of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Kalimantan in Foreigners Supervision


Pembentukan dan Rakor TimPORA Banjarmasin

Pembentukan dan Rakor TimPORA Banjarmasin

Banjarmasin (13/3) - "Efforts to raise awareness on public laws, especially the Immigration Law related to foreigners supervision in the work area of the Banjarmasin Immigration Office is important to be implemented, to answer the challenges of globalization and information disclosure and technological development today is a driver of the mobility of the world population that could have both beneficial and adverse impacts, therefore the Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the Directorate General of Immigration always make various efforts from the realization of the implementation of sovereignty over the territory of Indonesia in maintaining the order of life of nation and state to a just and prosperous society , then formed the Timpora (Foreigners Supervision Team) in establishing a system of Supervision and Reporting of foreigners continuous in order to monitor the presence and activities of foreigners in South Kalimantan Province. " said Head Ministry’s Regional Office of South Kalimantan, Imam Suyudi, Tuesday (13/03), held at Hotel Mercure Banjarmasin in his speech at the same time opened the formation and coordination meeting of Foreign Banjarmasin and Barito Kuala Timpora Team in Kanim Class I Banjarmasin.

The meeting was attended by 41 participants from 50 invited members of Timpora attended by Head of National Unity and Politics of Banjarmasin - HM. Kasman, Head of Tourism Office of Banjarmasin City-Ikhsan Alhaque and Head of Manpower Office of Banjarmasin-Priyo City and other Pora Team members such as Polresta representatives, Kodim 1007, Ministry of Religious Affairs, and Head of Immigration Division of the South Sulawesi Legal and Human Rights Ministry of Justice Yosep H.R. Renung Widodo along with Implementing Head of Class I Immigration Office of Banjarmasin, Eko Pratomo as well as structural officer in Immigration Office Class I Banjarmasin.

Recorded in Banjarmasin City area there are 88 foreigners, 25 foreigners in Barito Kuala District, and 7 foreigners in Tanah Laut District. Most of the PRC nationals of the PRC majority work in the company.

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