Immigration Attaché in Beijing Intensified Campaign of Indonesian Citizen Protection Abroad

Immigration Attaché in Beijing Intensified Campaign of Indonesian Citizen Protection Abroad

Monday, 19 March 2018 08:16 a.m.

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BEIJING – Immigration Attaché and Consul of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Beijing visited Chengdu City, located 1.800 km from Beijing, to conduct Consular and Immigration Dissemination in Protecting Indonesian Citizen (WNI) Abroad.

The dissemination was held in Ian Chong Su Ba Restaurant on Saturday (17/3/2018).

In his presentation, the Immigration Attaché for the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Beijing, Tato Juliadin Hidayawan, said that the issue of Indonesian Citizen Protection abroad has become the focus of duty of the Representative Office of the Republic of Indonesian abroad.

“Our duty here is to provide protection effort for Indonesian Citizens, for example if someone lost his/her passport abroad, we help them to get a new passport or SPLP (Travel Document in Lieu of a Passport),” he said.

Tato added that the dissemination was targeted at Indonesian Citizen who live in Chengdu, which most of them were students and workers.

He hoped that Indonesian Citizen apprehended things related to immigration and consular matters, to minimized violation of immigration regulation.

The dissemination was attended by around 60 Indonesian Citizens.

Currently, there are 80 Indonesian Citizens who live in Chengdu City, from a total of 6.900 Indonesian Citizens all over the PRC.

“Our presence here is to reach and get closer to Indonesian Citizens in Chengdu, so we can actualize the state mission that the government is there in addressing problems of its citizens,” he added.

In the event, they also provided a reach out service of RI passport. With the reach out system, the officers came to the applicants to facilitate those who live far away from the Embassy.

“We reach out the applicants to Chengdu City for passport services considering the quite far distance, which is 3 hours flight from Beijing,” said Tato.

In the People Republic of China, there are two Indonesian representative offices which have Immigration officers who perform particular duties and functions on immigration matters, namely the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesian in Beijing and Guangzhou.

The Immigration Attaché and Consul perform immigration function such as passport and SPLP services for Indonesian Citizens and visa issuance for Foreign Nationals.

Translated by: Yessy Successly

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