News on Tourist Visas for Israelis is a Hoax: Indonesian Govt

News on Tourist Visas for Israelis is a Hoax: Indonesian Govt

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Sun, May 6, 2018 | 12:02 pm


Indonesia’s Immigration Directorate General denied on Saturday a report by an Israeli media portal claiming that it was issuing tourist visas to Israelis.

Israeli media portal Hareetz reported on May 3 that Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, was issuing tourist visas to Israelis. The article said the policy had been effective since May 1.

However, immigration spokesperson Agung Sampurno has since denied the report.

“The Indonesian government does not have a tourist visa policy for Israeli citizens,” he said in a press release, while stressing that Indonesia and Israel had no diplomatic relations.

Agung said the granting of visas to foreign citizens from a country that did not have diplomatic relations with Indonesia was only made possible through the Calling Visa mechanism, which is overseen by the Foreign Ministry and its related agencies, including the Immigration Directorate General.

 “The report stating Indonesia was issuing tourist visas to Israelis is a hoax,” Agung said.

Hareetz stated that Israelis could apply for tourist visas through the “Israel Indonesia Agency”, which, according to Hareetz, had been set up last month. Hareetz’s article did not quote any Indonesian authorities. (evi)

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