Depok Immigration Office Secured 4 Afghan Refugees and 1 Korean

Depok Immigration Office Secured 4 Afghan Refugees and 1 Korean

Thursday April 12, 2018

DEPOK - The Immigration Foreigners Monitoring Team (Timpora) Class II Depok, held an join operation to monitor foreigners activies in a number of places in Depok City, Wednesday, April 11, 2018. From the raid, Immigration has secured five foreigners from two apartments namely Margonda Residence and Lotus Residence.

Head of the Second Class Immigration Office of Depok, Dadan Gunawan, said the raid was conducted to create security, especially from the immigration aspect. He explained that in this operation involving related institutions such as Police, TNI, Satpol PP and BNNK Depok.

"As many as 38 foreigners were examined in a join operation, we conducted checks at two places, Margonda Residence Apartment and Lotus Residence," Dadan said when he was in Imokasi II Depok office on Thursday (12/4/2018).

Dadan said, from 38 foreigners who recorded he secured five foreigners, 4 of them are Afghans and 1 South Korean.

"These 4 Afghans are refugees, two have UNHCR cards and the other two have UNHCR cards but are out of date and did not report, while the Korean is violating his stay permit," he said.

Dadan said, in addition to the five foreigners, immigration office II Depok also secures two documents of foreigners, including 1 document belonging to a citizen of Tanzania and 1 belonging to a South Korean citizen.

"Related to the two documents of foreign citizens  from Margonda Residence,  we secure for further examination of the existence and activities in Indonesia," he said

For the 5 foreigners who were secured, Dadan said,  will temporarily  be placed into the detention room of Depok immigration office. "Meanwhile, for one South Korean who violated his residence permit may be subject to immigration administrative action in the form of deportation from Indonesian territory and detention," he continued.

If  sufficient evidence is found, the Korean Citizen may be subject to an investigation of immigration crime, as intended by Article 22 Letter (a) of Law No. 6 Year 2011 on Immigration.

"This foreigner shall be subject to a maximum imprisonment of 5 years and a maximum fine of Rp 500 million for deliberately misusing or conducting activities that are inconsistent with the purpose and purpose of granting a residence permit granted to him," he concluded.

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