Inadequate Immigration Offices compare with Number of Cities/Regencies

Inadequate Immigration Offices compare with Number of Cities/Regencies

Magelang - The number of immigration offices in Indonesia are not comparable with the number of cities and regencies. So far, in Indonesia there are only 125 immigration offices serving 500 cities/regencies.

"Yes, due to budgetary considerations, there are only 125 offices, at least, with that amount can serve half of the number of cities in Indonesia," said Director General of Immigration, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Ronny F. Sompie, at the inauguration of the Wonosobo Immigration Office’s Working Unit in Magelang Regency, Tuesday (3/4/2018).

Ronny said, the existence of the working unit offices is to provide immigration services closer to the community.

"Magelang Regency is one of the six regencies to establish immigration working unit office, namely Gunung Sitoli, Muara Bungo, Musirawas, Bojonegoro," He said.

The working unit office does not only serves passport applications, but also serves foreigners who extend their stay permit.

"The working unit office is also able to supervise foreigners in cooperation with the local government, with the office of Immigration Working Units, it is hoped that a team of foreign supervisors (Timpora) will be established immediately to the sub-district level," he said.

Especially for the office of immigration working unit in Magelang, said Ronny, it get help and participation from the regency’s administration, both building and human resources.

The Head of Ministry’s Regional Office of Central Java, Ibn Chuldun added, “from a number of work unit offices in Central Java, Magelang is the most ideal location.”

"In Magelang, the local government has prepared facility, employees, even the office building," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Acting Regent of Magelang, Tavip Supriyanto added, it has prepared a number of employees to be assisted in the office of immigration working unit.

"Civil Servants (PNS) are ready, and will soon be placed here," said Tavip.

It also welcomed the existence of this office that will bring immigration services  closer  to the community.


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