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July 25, 2023

The UK: The Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna H. Laoly promoted freedom of religion in Indonesia before a member of the British Parliament, Fiona Bruce. He said the Indonesian government protects human rights in various aspects of life, including freedom of religion.

Yasonna explained that Indonesia is the largest Muslim country and the third-largest democracy in the world. In this atmosphere of diversity, the government is here to provide legal certainty over the personal freedom rights of the Indonesian people.

"Indonesia is the largest Muslim country and the third largest democracy in the world which continues to promote and protect human rights from various aspects of life, including freedom of religion," Yasonna said in a meeting between the Indonesian delegation and Fiona Bruce in England.

Freedom of religion in Indonesia is assured and regulated in the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia article 28 E paragraph (1) and article 29 paragraph (2). In addition, the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 39 of 1999 on Human Rights also guarantees freedom of religion as one of the rights to personal rights in Article 22 paragraphs (1) and (2).

Yasonna explained to Bruce that apart from Islam, there are also several other religions in Indonesia where the people live side by side peacefully and even care for each other when each celebrates their religious holiday. Such conditions can occur because Indonesia has Pancasila as the basis and ideology of the nation. Pancasila continued that Yasonna can become an umbrella covering various religions, cultures and ethnicities in Indonesia so that people respect diversity and embrace tolerance.

"Pancasila is the ideology and basis of the state, which values diversity, just, and civilized humanity and maintains Indonesian unity," Yasonna said to Bruce on Monday night (24/07/2023).

"Pancasila taught us the freedom with responsibility concept. Confident in the truth of their respective beliefs, but respecting the beliefs of others so that people live in harmony, different but one as our motto, Bhineka Tunggal Ika, "he explained further.

Yasonna hopes that the Indonesian and British governments can work together to promote religious freedom, not only nationally but at the global level, especially because Bruce is the British Prime Minister's special envoy for Freedom of Religion and Belief, as well as chairperson of the International Alliance for Freedom of Religion or Belief.

"Indonesia looks forward to Madam Bruce's support and suggestions on how we can work together to promote religious freedom globally and nationally in our diverse society," he said.

Bruce himself said that the international community had recognized Indonesia's ability to protect freedom of religion despite experiencing various challenges in a pluralistic society. For this reason, Indonesia is seen as having a central role concerning human rights issues in the national and global context. Bruce hopes that the cooperation between Indonesia and the British parliament in religious freedom will increase.

One step of cooperation between Indonesia and the British parliament is holding an International Conference on Cross-Cultural Religious Literacy, which will be held in Jakarta on 13-14 November 2023. The conference will be organized by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Leimena Institute, the International Center for Law and Religion Studies at Brigham Young University Law School, and the United States-based International Secretariat for Religious Freedom. Bruce has confirmed his certainty to attend as one of the speakers on the topic "Human Dignity and the Rule of Law: Global and Regional Outlook".

July 24, 2023

The Directorate General of Immigration (DGI) deliver passport services for 3000 applicants at JIEXPO Kemayoran Central Jakarta on Thursday-Saturday (3-5/8/2023). Director General of Immigration Silmy Karim said that the "Merdeka Passport Service" was part of a series of events for the 78th Anniversary of the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights or Dharma Karya Dhika Day.

"We provide 3,000 quotas for Indonesians applying for passports; they can register via the M-Paspor application, which can be downloaded on the Playstore or Appstore; quotas will open on Monday (24/07/23) with the option of Independent Passport Service," explained Silmy in Jakarta on Friday (21/07/2023).

The Merdeka Passport Service, said Silmy, is being held in conjunction with the Indonesia Catalog Expo and Forum, which will be attended and opened by Indonesian President Joko Widodo. The DGI, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, prepared 25 passport service booths at the event location, which served 1,000 applicants daily.

Applicants who participate will take queue numbers, verify the requirements file, and take biometric data in the form of facial photos and fingerprints. Meanwhile, payments can be made at offline or online banks, post offices, Indomaret, and marketplaces.

"At that location, we will serve for the issuance of new passports or replacement passports. New passport applicants must bring their e-KTP, KK, birth certificate, school certificate, or marriage book. Meanwhile, it is enough to bring your e-KTP and old passport for passport replacement," said Silmy.

For passport fees, Silmy detailed the price for ordinary passports is Rp 350,000, while for electronic passports, it is Rp. 650,000.

Besides Jakarta, the Merdeka Passport Service will also be held at all Immigration Offices in Indonesia on Saturday (05/08/2023) with various service quotas. Indonesians interested in applying for passports can register through the M-Paspor Application. Further information can be seen on the nearest Immigration Offices' social media.

July 22, 2023

BALI – The "Bali Becik" Foreigner Monitoring Task Force (Satgas) invites the people of Bali to report foreigners who disrespect regulations through hotline 081399679966. This Task Force was formed by issuing a Decision Letter of the Director General of Immigration Number IMI-0187.GR.01.01 on 23 June 2023 as a follow to the continued widespread violation of laws and norms by foreigners in Bali recently.

Based on data from the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kanwil Kemenkumham) Bali, from January to 23 June 2023, 163 foreign nationals (WNA) were deported. Deportation is an immigration administrative sanction in the form of expulsion of foreigners for not complying with Indonesia's applicable laws and regulations.

The Bali Becik Task Force consists of elements from the DGI, the Immigration Division of the Bali Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office, the Denpasar Immigration Office and the Singaraja Immigration Office and the Denpasar Detention Center. Every month the Task Force is targeted to carry out 100 immigration control operations in such a way without hampering the tourism industry.

"So the main problem regarding foreigners in Bali is that some foreign tourists with low spending frequently make trouble. Also, because Bali is considered an inexpensive tourist destination, it attracts tourists with thin pockets," explained Silmy.

As the task force name indicates, the team's formation aims to control foreigners to build a better Bali (Bali Becik). With the construction of the Bali Becik Task Force, which will serve until 31 December 2023, it is hoped that the level of violations of laws and norms by foreigners in Bali will diminish—following the issuance of 12 Obligations and 8 Prohibitions for foreigners by the Provincial Government of Bali.

"We also synergize with the apparatus and other relevant agencies in the performance. With this task force, I hope Bali Becik can come true," Silmy concluded.

July 20, 2023

SURABAYA (20/07/2023) – Tiga petugas Kantor Imigrasi Kelas II Non TPI Ponorogo menerima penghargaan Direktur Jenderal (Dirjen) Imigrasi, Kamis (20/07/2023). Penghargaan Dirjen Imigrasi dianugerahkan karena berhasil mengamankan lima orang yang diduga terlibat sindikat perdagangan organ internasional pada 4 Juli 2023.

“Berkat kejelian petugas imigrasi saat proses profiling dan pendalaman permohonan paspor, terduga sindikat perdagangan organ itu bisa segera dicegah aksinya. Inilah mengapa proses pendalaman dan pemeriksaan dokumen dilakukan dengan ketat. Kita bisa mencegah perbuatan kriminal atau ilegal dari sini,” ujar Direktur Jenderal Imigrasi, Silmy Karim, di Aula Kantor Imigrasi Kelas I Khusus TPI Surabaya, Kamis (20/07/2023).
Adapun petugas Kantor Imigrasi Ponorogo yang menerima penghargaan yakni Hendro Tri Kusumo Atmojo (35), Arief Rachmaddan (30) dan Iqbal Aly Noor Said (26). Silmy secara khusus mengungkapkan apresiasinya terhadap kinerja kedua petugas tersebut. Ia berharap agar seluruh petugas imigrasi yang menangani penerbitan paspor selalu ingat tentang betapa pentingnya peran mereka dalam melindungi keselamatan Warga Negara Indonesia dari kejahatan transnasional.

Pada hari penangkapan, petugas melakukan profiling dan pendalaman terhadap warga berinisial MM asal Buduran, Sidoarjo dan SH asal Tangerang Selatan yang mengaku membuat paspor untuk liburan ke Malaysia. Namun, kedua pria itu menunjukkan gelagat yang mencurigakan. Mereka tidak memberikan keterangan yang meyakinkan dan tidak bisa menunjukkan berkas-berkas yang diminta petugas.

Setelah diinterogasi, kedua warga itu mengakui hendak mendonorkan ginjal ke Kamboja. Untuk menuju Kamboja, keduanya diantar tiga orang penyalur yang saat itu menunggu di sekitar Kantor Imigrasi Ponorogo. Mendapatkan informasi tersebut, petugas memburu ketiga penyalur yang berada di Jalan Juanda, Kota Ponorogo. Tiga penyalur yang diamankan yakni WI warga Bogor, AT warga Jakarta dan IS, warga Mojokerto.

“Imigrasi gencar melakukan upaya-upaya penegakan hukum keimigrasian, baik terhadap WNI maupun WNA yang diduga melanggar peraturan atau terlibat tindak kriminal. Kami juga berkolaborasi dengan instansi terkait untuk menjaring pelaku kejahatan transnasional dengan cepat,” tandasnya.

July 12, 2023

JAKARTA (10/7/2023) – Direktorat Jenderal (Ditjen) Imigrasi akan proses hukum kasus ZB (Lk, 44 th), WN asal Tiongkok yang menghilang dari lokasi detensi luar yang sekaligus kediamannya di Apartemen West Vista, Jakarta Barat, ketika Petugas dari Ditjen Imigrasi mengecek keberadaannya pada Jumat (07/07/2023). ZB menjalani detensi karena sedang menjalani pemeriksaan atas dugaan penyalahgunaan izin tinggal.

“Awalnya 26 Mei lalu kami dapat laporan kalau ada dugaan penyalahgunaan izin tinggal oleh ZB karena dia menandatangani kontrak kerja Proyek Baja Stainless Pulau OBI Indonesia selaku Perwakilan Hukum PT. Lutai Konstruksi Indonesia,” jelas Direktur Pengawasan dan Penindakan Keimigrasian, Surya Mataram.
Lebih lanjut Surya menambahkan “Sementara itu, Si ZB ini pemegang ITAS investor dari perusahaan yang berbeda. Jabatannya Direktur di PT Zhaobang International Trading, perusahaan yang jadi penjamin dia selama di Indonesia,”

Setelah mendapat laporan, petugas dari Direktorat Pengawasan dan Penindakan Keimigrasian melakukan pemeriksaan pada tanggal 12 s.d. 14 Juni 2023. Berdasarkan pemeriksaan, diputuskan bahwa ZB akan dikenakan tindakan administratif keimigrasian berupa pendetensian untuk proses pemeriksaan lebih lanjut.

“Sudah ada keputusan kalau ZB harus didetensi sejak 14 Juni. Kemudian kuasa hukum ZB mengajukan detensi luar dengan alasan ada permasalahan perdata yang harus diselesaikan. Permohonan mereka kami kabulkan dan per 22 Juni 2023, ZB mulai menjalani detensi di kediamannya di Apartemen West Vista,” tambah Surya.

Penyidik Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi mendatangi Apartemen West Vista, Jakarta Barat pada Jumat (07/07/2023) namun tidak menemukan keberadaan ZB. Demikian pula ketika dilakukan pengecekan di manajemen Apartemen. Kuasa hukum maupun penjamin ZB pun mengaku tidak mengetahui keberadaan yang bersangkutan.

“Kami akan segera lakukan gelar perkara. Jika bukti-bukti sudah lengkap, akan kami terbitkan Surat Perintah Dimulainya Penyidikan (SPDP) dan surat pemanggilan terhadap terlapor dan para saksi,” pungkas Surya.

July 12, 2023

JAKARTA (09/07/2023) – Director General of Immigration Silmy Karim said that biometric data (face and finger print) of Indonesian passport holders is safe and there was no leakage of immigration database in 2023. His response is given amid a viral topic on social media about the leakage of 34 million Indonesian passport data allegedly traded by irresponsible people.

“A team consisted of DGI’s Directorate of Immigration System and Information Technology (SISTIK) and Directorate of Immigration Intelligence in coordination with Ministry of Communication and Informatics and National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) conducted investigation on rumors about the leakage of Indonesia passport data allegedly traded. Temporary result of the investigation shows that there is no leakage of passport biometric data. All passport biometric and supporting data is safe,” said Silmy on Sunday (09/07/2023).

Silmy went on to explain that the alleged leakage is actually text data of which the structure is not currently being used by DGI.

“DGI is implementing ISO 270001-2022. This ISO certificate will be issued this July 2023. We keep on enhancing the security of our data,” he said firmly.

The ISO 270001-2022 is a standard information security management system providing the list of compliance requirements that can be certified by organization and professional. This ISO standard helps organization in building, implementing, maintaining, and improving Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Indonesian passport data is currently stored in the National Data Centre, Ministry of Communication and Informatics. Therefore, DGI coordinates with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics and BSSN in maintaining and improving immigration security database.

“The public don’t need to worry about lodging passport application and uploading their personal data for that purpose,” said Silmy.

July 6, 2023

Petugas Kantor Imigrasi Kelas II Ponorogo menangkap lima orang yang diduga terlibat sindikat perdagangan ginjal internasional pada Selasa (4/7/2023). Kelima pria tersebut ditangkap saat hendak mengurus penerbitan dokumen perjalanan atau paspor. Kepala Divisi Keimigrasian Kantor Wilayah Kemenkumham Jawa Timur Hendro Tri Prasetyo menyatakan kelima warga yang ditangkap terdiri dua sebagai pemilik ginjal dan akan menjualnya. Sementara tiga lainnya diduga anggota sindikat penyalur korban yang bersedia menjual ginjal.

“Lima orang yang diamankan, dua di antaranya diduga sebagai korban yang akan menjual ginjalnya. Sementara tiga lainnya diduga memiliki peran masing-masing dalam sindikat yang menyalurkan korban (menjual ginjal ke luar negeri),” kata Hendro, Rabu (5/7/2023) saat konferensi pers di Ponorogo.

Hendro mengungkapkan penangkapan lima warga bermula saat petugas melakukan wawancara untuk proses penerbitan paspor di Kantor Imigrasi Ponorogo, Selasa. Saat itu petugas mewawancarai warga berinisial MM asal Buduran, Sidoarjo dan SH asal Tangerang Selatan yang mengaku membuat paspor untuk liburan ke Malaysia. Namun saat diwawancara, kedua pria menunjukkan gelagat yang mencurigakan. Keduanya tidak memberikan keterangan yang meyakinkan petugas.

“Keduanya juga tidak bisa menunjukkan berkas-berkas yang diminta petugas. Sehingga, pada sore hari sekitar pukul 15.00 WIB, keduanya kembali lagi ke Kantor Imigrasi Ponorogo dengan harapan petugas lengah,” tutur Hendro.

Setelah dilakukan wawancara lebih mendalam, kata Hendro, petugas Imigrasi Ponorogo mendapati indikasi keduanya akan menjadi pekerja migran non prosedural. Selanjutnya, kedua warga itu mengakui hendak mendonorkan ginjal ke Kamboja. Untuk menuju Kamboja, jelas Hendro, keduanya diantar tiga orang penyalur yang saat itu menunggu di sekitar Kantor Imigrasi Ponorogo. Mendapatkan informasi tersebut, petugas memburu ketiga penyalur yang berada di Jalan Juanda, Kota Ponorogo.

“Tiga penyalur yang diamankan yakni WI warga Bogor, AT warga Jakarta dan IS, warga Mojokerto,” kata Hendro.

Sementara itu Kepala Kantor Imigrasi Ponorogo Yanto menyatakan setiap orang yang memberikan ginjalnya diberikan imbalan sebesar Rp 150 juta. Dalam kasus itu, pria berinisial WI berperan sebagai perekrut. Sedangkan AT membantu proses permohonan paspor dan menyiapkan akomodasi. Bahkan sebelum menjadi perekrut, WI sempat berangkat ke Kamboja untuk menjual ginjalnya ke Kamboja. Hanya saja saat WI gagal mendonorkan ginjalnya lantaran masalah kesehatan. Usai pulang dari Kamboja, WI direkrut dan dipekerjakan oleh sindikat perdagangan ginjal yang ada di Bekasi.

Untuk mengusut kasus ini, Imigrasi bekerja sama dengan Polres Ponorogo. Pihaknya juga melakukan pemeriksaan lanjutan terhadap MM dan SH yang memberikan data tidak sah dan keterangan tidak benar dalam memperoleh dokumen perjalan RI (paspor). Keduanya dituduh melanggar Pasal 126 huruf c UU 6 Tahun 2011 Tentang Keimigrasian. Ancaman hukuman pidananya penjara paling lama lima tahun dan denda paling banyak 500 juta rupiah.

July 5, 2023

Jakarta, 4 Juli 2023 – Kantor Imigrasi Kelas I Khusus TPI Soekarno-Hatta berhasil mengamankan GA (L/48), seorang warga negara Italia DPO Ditjen Imigrasi pada 26 Juni 2023. GA diburu sejak November 2022 atas perannya dalam memberangkatkan WN Sri Lanka berinisial PJ dengan menggunakan pasopor palsu, namun telah digagalkan keberangkatannya oleh petugas Imigrasi Soekarno-Hatta pada 29 November 2022.

GA berhasil diamankan petugas Bidang Intelijen dan Penindakan Keimigrasian (Inteldakim) Imigrasi Soekarno-Hatta di sebuah hotel bintang lima di kawasan Jakarta Pusat. Upaya yang dilakukan yaitu dengan berbagai macam langkah dan strategi intelijen agar GA keluar dari persembunyiannya.

“Pencarian dan pengejaran sempat terhambat karena tersangka GA sering berpindah-pindah tempat tinggal. Namun penyidik kami tetap konsisten mengumpulkan informasi, hingga pada 26 Juni 2023 tersangka GA berhasil diamankan di hotel mewah di Jakarta Pusat,” jelas Kepala Kantor Imigrasi Soekarno-Hatta, Muhammad Tito Andrianto.

Sebelumnya, GA diketahui telah membantu keberangkatkan WN Sri Lanka atas nama PJ dengan; (1.) Memberikan identitas paspor untuk dipalsukan, (2.) Pemesanan tiket, dan (3.) Proses check-in. Keterlibatan GA juga diperkuat dengan bukti CCTV yang menunjukan, GA berada di Terminal 3 Internasional Bandara Soekarno-Hatta untuk melakukan check-in dengan paspor aslinya, kemudian memberikan boarding pass tersebut kepada PJ di Area Vaksin East Lobby Terminal 3. Tersangka GA juga diketahui meminta USD 10.000 kepada PJ apabila proses keberangkatan berhasil dilakukan hingga tiba di negara tujuan. Saat ini PJ sendiri sedang menjalani masa tahanan di Lapas Pemuda Kelas I Tangerang berdasarkan vonis Pengadilan Negeri Tangerang yaitu selama 1 tahun 6 bulan, serta pidana denda sebesar 150 juta rupiah atau subsider kurungan 2 bulan penjara.

Atas perbuatannya, Tito menegaskan jika GA dapat dijerat Pasal 120 ayat (2) UU No. 6 Tahun 2011 tentang Keimigrasian juncto Pasal 53 KUHP dengan ancaman pidana penjara paling lama 15 (lima belas) tahun dan pidana denda paling banyak Rp 1.500.000.000 ( Satu milyar lima ratus juta rupiah).

“Sekali lagi saya mengapresiasi Komunitas Bandara Soekarno-Hatta yang telah bersinergi serta membantu dalam proses pencarian GA selama ini, sinergitas ini yang harus kita jaga, agar segala kejahatan yang dapat merugikan banyak orang bahkan negara dapat kita cegah, apalagi tentang TPPO yang kini juga menjadi concern Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi,” pungkas Direktur Jenderal Imigrasi, SIlmy Karim.