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Permohonan Paspor Baru Luar Negeri

New Passport Application for Outside Indonesia

For children who are Indonesian citizens born outside the territory of Indonesia, the application for a new passport outside the territory of Indonesia is submitted to the Immigration Officer at Indonesia Missions Abroad.

1. Passport of Indonesian father and/or mother;

2. Certificate of birth from the Indonesia Missions Abroad.

1. For passport applications that are submitted manually, the applicant must fill in the application data provided at the front desk/customer service and attach the required documents;

2. The immigration officer checks the completeness of the required documents;

3. If the required documents have been declared complete, the immigration officer provides the receipt of the application and payment code;

4. If the required documents are incomplete, the immigration officer will return the application documents and the application is deemed withdrawn.

a. Check the completeness and validity of the required documents;

b. Payment of passport fees;

c. Taking photos and fingerprints;

d. Interview;

e. Verification; and

f. Adjudication.

1. Ordinary passport 48 page IDR 350.000

2. Electronic passport 48 pageIDR 650.000

3. Same-day expedite passport service Rp1,000,000 (the service fee is excluding the cost of passport issuance).