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New Passport Application for Binational Children

New Passport Application for Binational Children

Limited dual citizenship status is a dual (two) citizenship status granted to a child until the child reaches the age of 18 (eighteen) years, are:

1. Article 4 of Law Number 12 of 2006 on RI Citizenship

The child of legal marriage between an Indonesian father and a foreign national.

The child of legal marriage of a foreign national father and an Indonesian citizen.

The illegitimate child of a foreign national is recognized by the father of an Indonesian citizen as his confession made before 18 years / unmarried

Children born outside the territory of Indonesia from the father and mother of Indonesian citizens where the country of birth grants citizenship to the child

2. Article 5 of Law Number 12 of 2006 on RI Citizenship

a. An illegitimate child is legally recognized by a foreign national father before 18 years and is not married.

b. Indonesian children not yet 5 years old are appointed as legitimate children by foreigners based on court rulings

– In the case of Indonesian citizenship status in article 4 letters C, D, H and L and article 5 results in double citizenship then after 18 years / already married one must choose citizenship.

- The statement is submitted no later than 3 years after 18 years/marriage.

1. Valid identity card or certificate of moving abroad;

2. Family card;

3. Birth certificate, marriage certificate or marriage book, diploma, or baptism certificate; (the document must include the name, place and date of birth, names of parents, if not listed, the applicant may attach a certificate from the competent authority);

4. Indonesian citizenship certificate for foreigners who obtain Indonesian citizenship or a person who has dual citizenship and to opt Indonesian citizenship;

5. Name change certificate from the authorized official for those who have changed the name.

Adjustments in the field of immigration regulations:

1. For children with limited dual citizenship who were born before August 1, 2006

a. Not yet registered, they must still have an immigration permit, the solution is sufficient at the local immigration office.

b. After registering, the parent/guardian reports:

– Local immigration office,

– Attach passport and Ministerial Decree on Limited Double Obtaining Returns documents

- An Indonesian passport can be issued with the relevant seal of the double subject of Law No.12 of 2006 Article 4 c, d, h, l and Article 5

– For those who have passports of other nationalities, an affidafit fee of IDR 400,000 is attached

2. Children born after August 1, 2006 parents/guardians report:

a. He/she can be given an Indonesian passport despite having a foreign passport.

b. He/she can be given an Indonesian passport with a limited dual citizenship stamp.

c. Have another passport attached affidavit costs Rp.400,000.

Immigration facilities that can be provided:

1. Children who only have a foreign passport are exempt from visas, residence permits, and re-entry permits.

2. Signs of entry/departure as Indonesian citizens.

3. Holders of two passports must choose to use one of their passports.

4. A stamp of citizenship is limited to AD-CARD.

a. Check the completeness and validity of the required documents;

b. Payment of passport fees;

c. Taking photos and fingerprints;

d. Interview;

e. Verification; and

f. Adjudication.

1. Ordinary passport 48 page IDR 350.000

2. Electronic passport 48 pageIDR 650.000

3. Same-day expedite passport service Rp1,000,000 (the service fee is excluding the cost of passport issuance).

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