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New Passport Application for General Public

New Passport Application for General Public

1. Regular passport application can be submitted by Indonesian citizens, both within and outside Indonesian territory.

2. Regular passport consists of electronic regular passport (e-passports) and non-electronic regular passport.

3. Regular passport is issued by using Immigration Management Information System

4. Regular passport application can be submitted manually and electronically by attaching the required documents.

1. A valid Indonesian identity card (KTP) or certificate of moving abroad

2. A family register (KK)

3. A birth certificate, marriage certificate/book, diploma, or baptism certificate*

4. An Indonesian citizenship certificate for Foreign Nationals who acquire Indonesian citizenship or submitting the certificate of citizenship in accordance with the legislation.

5. A statement letter of name changes (for those who have changed their name) issued by authorized official.

*Name, place and date of birth, and parents' name must be listed in the documents. Otherwise, a statement issued by authorized official may be attached.

Register through M-Paspor application which can be downloaded via App Store or Google Play. You can make a manual application in the following way.

1. Fill in the data in the application provided at the application counter and attach the required documents.

2. Wait for the Immigration Officer to check the required documents.

3. Get a receipt for the application and payment code from the Immigration Officer right after your required documents are declared complete.

4. If the required documents are declared incomplete, you will receive the documents returned by the Immigration Officer. The application will be considered withdrawn.

1. Check the completeness and validity of required documents

2. Make payment for passport application fee

3. Take photo and fingerprint records

4. Interview

5. Verification

6. Adjudication

1. Regular non-electronic passport (48 pages): 350,000 IDR

2. Regular electronic passport (48 pages): 650,000 IDR

3. Same-day expedited passport service fee*: 1,000,000 IDR

*The expedited passport service fee excludes passport application fee.