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Passport Replacement Application for the Lost Passport

Passport Replacement Application for the Lost Passport

The application for regular passport replacement can be submitted if any of the following conditions exist.

1. Passport validity will expire (less than six months).

2. Passport validity has expired.

3. Passport is lost.

4. Passport is damaged during the issuance process. In this case, the issuance immigration office will immediately cancel the process.

5. Passport is damaged beyond the issuance process (torn, wet, burned, crossed out, etc.), so that the information in the passport becomes unclear or gives an impression that it is no longer appropriate as an official document. In this case, the Immigration Officer will revoke the passport after the inspection report is made.


Regular passport replacement due to force majeure situation includes:

1. Floods
2. Earthquakes
3. Fires
4. Riots
5. Other natural disasters determined by authorized agencies.

Regular passport replacement for the lost passport can be submitted by completing the following requirements.

1. A report letter for lost passport from local police department
2. A valid Indonesian identity card (KTP)
3. A family register (KK)

Additional requirements for applicants of lost passport replacement due to force majeure:

a. An application letter of lost passport replacement to the Head of the Immigration Office consisting of name, place and date of birth, domicile address, occupation, and reason of the application.
b. A statement letter from the sub-district/authorized authority in accordance with the domicile of the applicant stating that the applicant has experienced force majeure.

You can make a manual (walk-in) application in the following way.

1. Fill in the data in the application provided at the application counter and attach the required documents.

2. Wait for the Immigration Officer to check the required documents. This will be stated in the inspection report (BAP).

3. The BAP is submitted to the Head of the Immigration Office by the Immigration Officer for consideration.

4. If the Head of the Immigration Office approves the replacement of a regular passport, the Immigration Officer will replace the passport after you make the payment.

If the inspection result shows that the regular passport is lost or damaged due to:

1. inadvertence and lost occurred out of your manage, you are granted a regular passport replacement;

2. carelessness or negligence followed by unacceptable reasons, the issuance of a regular passport can be suspended for a minimum of six months up to a maximum of two years.

1. Regular non-electronic passport (48 pages): 350,000 IDR
2. Regular electronic passport (48 pages): 650,000 IDR
3. Same-day expedited passport service fee*: 1,000,000 IDR

*The expedited passport service fee excludes passport application fee.

Passport replacement due to damaged or lost is charged as follows.
1. Lost passport fee: 1,000,000 IDR
2. Damaged passport fee: 500,000 IDR
3. Lost/damaged passport fee due to force majeure: 0 IDR