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Passport Replacement Application for Damaged Passport

Passport Replacement Application for Damaged Passport

Regular Passport replacement can be applied if:

1. The validity period will expire (less than six months of passport validity);

2. The validity period has expired;

3. Lost;

4. Damaged during the passport issuance process (then immediately canceled by the issuing immigration office);

5. Damaged outside the publishing process (torn, wet, burned, crossed out, etc.) so that the information in it becomes unclear or gives the impression that it is no longer appropriate as an official document (further revocation is carried out after going through the process of making an examination report).

Replacement of ordinary passports due to force majeure includes the following circumstances:

1. Flood;

2. Earthquake;

3. Fire;

4. Riots; and

5. Other natural disasters as determined by the competent authority.

a. Valid identity card or certificate of moving abroad;

b. Family card;

c. Birth certificate, marriage certificate or marriage book, diploma or baptismal certificate; (the document must include the name, place, and date of birth, name of the parent, if not mentioned in the document, the applicant must attach a letter of statement from the authorized government institution);

d. Indonesian citizenship letter for foreigners who obtain Indonesian citizenship through or submission to choose citizenship in accordance with the provisions of the legislation;

e. Letter of stipulation for change of name from the authorized official for those who have changed their name;

f. Old ordinary passport.

Additional requirements for replacement applicants lost due to force majeure:

a. Application letter for replacement of lost passport to the head of the immigration office containing name, place/date. birth, domicile address, occupation, and reason for application.

b. A certificate from the kelurahan/authorized authority according to the domicile of the applicant stating that the applicant has experienced force majeure.

Registration via the Online Passport Queue (APAPO) application:

Can be downloaded through App Store / Google Play.

Manual Application:

1. The applicant fills out the data application provided at the application counter and attaches the documents for completing the requirements;

2. The Immigration Officer conducts an examination of the application for a replacement for a regular Papsor and is stated in the official report of the examination (BAP);

3. The inspection report is submitted to the head of the immigration office by the Immigration Officer for consideration;

4. If the Head of the Immigration Office approves the replacement of the ordinary Passport, the Immigration Officer issues the replacement of the ordinary Passport; after payment of fees.

In the event that the results of the inspection show that the ordinary passport is lost or damaged due to:

a. Disasters experienced by the person concerned, including fire, flood and earthquake, can be given direct compensation;

b. It is found that there is an element of carelessness and the occurrence of loss beyond the ability of the ordinary Passport holder, the ordinary Passport will be replaced;

c. It is found that there is an element of carelessness or negligence accompanied by unacceptable reasons, the granting of an ordinary passport can be suspended for a minimum of 6 (six) months to a maximum of 2 (two) years.

1. Ordinary passport 48 page IDR 350.000

2. Electronic passport 48 pageIDR 650.000

Passport acceleration service is completed on the same day IDR 1.000.000 (expediting service excluding Passport issuance fees).

Passport replacement due to loss or damage is subject to the following fines:

1. The fee for lost passport is IDR 1.000.000

2. The fee for damaged passports is IDR 500.000

3. The fee for lost/damaged passport due to force majeure IDR 0

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