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Permohonan Visa Republik Indonesia – Singgah – D212

Republic of Indonesia Visa Application for Stopover

In connection with the increasing spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has temporarily STOP the policy of Visit Visa on Arrival for certain countries (see menu List of Countries for Visit Visa on Arrival) until the next official notification. More information can be found at:

This type of visa cannot be used to work in Indonesia, please refer to the 'WORK' section in the choice of visa type.

Foreigners with this visa can carry out activities including:

a. tourism;

b. family;

c. social;

d. Art and culture;

e. government duties;

f. non-commercial sports;

g. comparative studies, short courses and short training;

i. conduct business talks;

j. make purchases of goods;

k. give lectures or attend seminars;

l. participate in international exhibitions;

m. attend meetings held with the head office or representatives in Indonesia;

n. continue the journey to another country; and

o. join the means of transportation in the Indonesian Territory.

Maximum of 30 days (Allowed to be extended once for another 30 days).

  1. Original legal passport and still valid for at least 6 (six) months;
  2. A return ticket or a connecting ticket to continue the journey to another country except for the crew of the transportation means who will stop by to join the ship and continue the journey to another country;
  3. In certain cases, the application for a visitor visa upon arrival can also be submitted by foreigners who are not from certain countries because there is no Indonesian representative in their country or activities that are sudden or urgent after obtaining approval from the minister or appointed immigration officials after attaching the following requirements:

a. A letter of request from the Government or a private institution, and

b. Approval letter from the Minister or the appointed Immigration Officer

IDR 500,000 per application

List of Other Immigration Fees