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Republic of Indonesia Visa Application for Elderly / Retired Travelers

Republic of Indonesia Visa Application for Elderly / Retired Travelers

This type of visa cannot be used to work in Indonesia, please refer to the 'WORK' section in the choice of visa type.

This visa is given to senior foreign tourists aged 55 years or over who wish to stay in Indonesia.

Valid for 1 (one) year.

1. Guarantee letter from the Guarantor which is a Tourism Bureau;

2. Photocopy of National Passport which is original and still valid for at least 18 (eighteen) months;

3. Company business license and tourist travel agency taxpayer identification number;

4. Curriculum vitae, employment history and education of the Foreigner concerned;

5. Evidence from a pension fund institution or bank from the country of origin or in Indonesia that proves the availability of funds of at least US$1500 (one thousand five hundred US dollars per month to meet the necessities of life while in Indonesia;

6. Health insurance, death, and legal liability to third parties in the civil sector either in the country of origin or in Indonesia;

7. Proof of staying in accommodation facilities available in Indonesia based on the purchase of accommodation facilities of at least US$35,000 (thirty five thousand US dollars) or rent per month at least;

  • US$500 (five hundred American dollars) for the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Bandung and Bali;
  • US$300 (three hundred US dollars) for other areas on the islands of Java, Batam, and Medan; or
  • US$200 (two hundred American dollars) other than the area as referred to in number 1 and number 2;

8. The statement will employ at least 2 (two) Indonesian citizens.

Payment Components (per application)

  1. Visa approval (telex): IDR 200,000,-
  2. Limited Stay Visa: 150 US dollars
  3. Limited Stay Permit: fee according to the length of Stay Permit granted.
  4. Re-Entry Permit: fee according to the length of Re-Entry Permit granted.

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