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Changes in passport Details

Changes in passport Details

Changes in passport details, including name or other changes, can be submitted to the Head of the Immigration Office or the Immigration Officer. Change of a name, as a requirement to perform pilgrimage or umrah, will be added to the endorsements page.

1. Passport

2. KTP (Indonesian ID card) and Family Card,

3. Other supporting data documents issued by government agencies as a basis for changes in passport data such as: court decree, birth certificate,marriage certificate, or other similar documents.

The procedure for changing passport data is carried out through the following stages:

a. Application Submission;

b. Approval of the Head of the Immigration Office or Immigration Officer; and

c. Printing of data changes on the authentication/validation page.

Mechanism of passport data changes:

1. The applicant submits the required documents (original and photocopy) as well as Perdim 11 (available at the immigration office) that has been filled in completely;

2. The officer processes passport data changes;

3. Official approval for changes in passport data;

4. Printing passport data changes on the endorsements page;

5. The completed passport process is given to the applicant on the same day.

If there any rejection from the officer to the application, the reasons might include:

1. Requirements are incomplete.

2. Applicant's name is on the list of prevention abroad.

3. Other immigration reasons.

Completion time: Completed on the same day.

This service is free of charge (Rp.0,-)

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