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Profil – Sejarah – 3. Era Republik Indonesia Serikat

Republic of the United States of Indonesia Era

Mr. H. Joesoef Adiwinata briefed the immigration staff.

The era of the Republic of Indonesia United is the culmination of a long history of the journey of the establishment of immigration institutions in Indonesia. In this era, the immigration service of the Dutch East Indies product was handed over to the Indonesian government on 26 January 1950. The organizational structure and work procedures as well as several Dutch Indies government legal products related to immigration were still used as long as they did not conflict with the interests of the Indonesian nation. The head of the Immigration Office was held for the first time by an indigenous son, namely Mr. H. Adiwinata. The organizational structure of the immigration office continues the immigratie structure of old dients, while the composition of the immigration office is still simple and is in the coordination of the Minister of Justice, both operational-tactical, administrative and organizational.

At the beginning of 1950, as a newly independent nation and still in a state of turbulence, of course the facilities and infrastructure to support the immigration office at that time were still very limited and simple. The difficulty that is felt to be very basic is that there are still very few indigenous sons who understand the duties and functions of immigration. For this reason, as part of the transition period, the immigration office still uses Dutch employees. Of the 459 people who work in the immigration office throughout Indonesia, 160 are Dutch. The legislation used as the basis for the immigration office of RIS is still inherited from the Dutch Indies Government, namely: (a) Indische Staatsregeling, (b) Toelatings Besluit, (c) Toelatings Ordonnantie.

In a relatively short period of time, the immigration office in the era of the Republic of Indonesia has issued 3 (three) legal products, namely (a) Decree of the Minister of Justice RIS Number JZ / 239/12 dated 12 July 1950 which regulates the reporting of passengers to customs leaders if landing at a port that has not been officially designated as a landing port, (b) RIS Emergency Law Number 40 of 1950 concerning Republic of Indonesia Travel Letters, and (c) RIS Emergency Law Number 42 of 1950 concerning Immigration Fees (State Gazette of the Year 1950 Number 84, Supplement to State Gazette Number 77).