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Immigration Law

(1) To perform Immigration Functions, the Government establishes an Immigration policy.

(2) An Immigration Policy is carried out by the Minister.

(3) Immigration Functions along the borderlines of Indonesian Territory, which covers Immigration Checkpoints and border-crossing stations, are performed by Immigration Officers.

(1) To perform Immigration Functions as referred to in Article 3, an Immigration Office may be established in a regency, municipality, or sub district.

(2) Immigration Checkpoint may be established at any territorial authority of an Immigration Office.

(3) The Immigration Checkpoint as referred to in section (2) is established under a Ministerial Decision.

(4) In addition to the Immigration Office as referred to in section (1), Immigration Detention Center may be established in the capital city, a province, a regency, or a municipality.

(5) Immigration Offices and Immigration Detention Centers are the technical implementation units under the Directorate General of Immigration.

Immigration Functions in every Indonesia Missions Abroad or elsewhere overseas are performed by a designated Indonesian foreign service officer and/or Immigration Officer.

The Government may undertake an international cooperation on Immigration affairs with other countries and/or with international agencies or organizations under the provisions of legislation.

(1) The Director General is responsible for developing and managing the Immigration Management Information System as a means to perform Immigration Functions across or outside Indonesian Territory.

(2) The Immigration Management Information System is accessible to relevant government institutions and/or agencies in accordance with their respective duties and functions.