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December 2, 2021

It’s now official! Cianjur UKK becomes the 126th Immigration Office

Penulis: Elyan Nadian Zahara
Editor: Achmad Nur Saleh

CIANJUR (02/12) – The Cianjur Immigration Work Unit (UKK,) which was established in February 2019, has officially been upgraded to Class III Cianjur Immigration Office (Kanim) of Non Immigration Checkpoints (Non TPI), as well as the 126th immigration office in Indonesia. Initially, Cianjur UKK was part of the Sukabumi Immigration Office Non TPI whose establishment was the result of a synergy between the local government and the Directorate General of Immigration (DGI) as a response to the community's need for immigration services in Cianjur Regency.

Located at Jalan Raya Bandung number 61, Sabandar Village, Karangtengah District, Cianjur Regency – the Cianjur Immigration Office was inaugurated by the Cianjur Regent, Herman Suherman on Thursday (02/12). Those attended the inauguration were Special Adviser to the Minister of Law and Human Rights on Strengthening Bureaucratic Reform – Iwan Kurniawan; Secretary of the DGI – Zaeroji; Head of West Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) – Sudjonggo; Directors within the West Java Regional Office of Kemenkumham; Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) of Cianjur Regency and the Head of Technical Implementation Units (UPT) in the West Java Regional Office of Kemenkumham.

The Secretary of the DGI said that the Cianjur UKK had been approved as Cianjur Immigration Office by the Minister for Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform since 19 June 2020, based on a letter number B/669/M.KT.01/2020 and had been determined by the Minister Law and Human Rights through Decree Number M.HH-05.OT.01.03 of 2020 on the Establishment of a Class III Non-TPI Immigration Office in Cianjur.

"Actually, the Cianjur Immigration Office deserves to be a Class II Immigration Office, but the land still belongs to the Cianjur Regency Government, so it is not yet possible to upgrade it," said Zaeroji.

Zaeroji hopes that the Regent of Cianjur and his staff can immediately continue the administrative process of the land grant which is a prerequisite for upgrading the class of the Immigration Office according to the legislation. "Another reason is to prevent it from becoming a fraud audit finding by the BPK auditors in the future," added Zaeroji.

Special Adviser to the Menkumham on Strengthening Bureaucratic Reform, Iwan Kurniawan, in his speech stated that Cianjur Immigration Office becomes the 9th Immigration UPT within the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in West Java. Therefore, it is the duty of the Immigration Office to carry out some of the main tasks and functions of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in the field of immigration, including in immigration services and supervision, as well as in the field of administration.

The inauguration procession began with the symbolic giving of a passport by the Secretary of the Directorate General of Immigration to the Regent of Cianjur, followed by the inauguration and ribbon cutting by the Regent of Cianjur.

Head of the Cianjur Immigration Office, Denny Irawan, hopes that his office will be able to improve and provide a better, more effective, efficient and affordable quality of services, as well as increase supervision or monitoring of potential vulnerabilities to the presence and activities of foreigners in the Cianjur Region and its surroundings.

"Hopefully we can give our best in providing immigration services in Cianjur Regency, so that we can become a pioneer in driving the economy and creating independence," he said.

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