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November 13, 2022

Suspected Foreigners or Foreign Groups Will Disturb G20 Summit in Bali, Immigration Will Firmly Take Action or Deport

The Directorate General of Immigration suspects the existence of individuals and groups of foreigners who have planned to interfere in holding the G20 Summit in Bali. This statement is delivered by the Acting Director of the Directorate General of Immigration, Widodo Ekatjahjana, in Bali on Sunday (13/11/2022).

“Immigration of Indonesia has received data from the relevant ministries/institutions regarding the existence of individuals and groups of foreigners who should be suspected of violating the immigration law, breaking the applicable laws, and interfering with the holding of the G20 Summit,” Widodo explained.

Widodo stated that if foreigners enter Indonesian territory, afterward they bother local security and order, violate the constitution and the immigration law, particularly interrupt the holding of the G20 summit. Indonesia Immigration will take strict action on the existing laws and regulations.

Furthermore, Widodo will continue to establish cross-sectoral coordination with the ministries/institutions to anticipate both individuals and groups of foreign nationals who will interrupt the holding of the G20 Summit. Immigration also will provide a quick response towards deterrence requests for individuals and the group of foreigners who will enter Indonesia. On the other hand, immigration opens channels to receive reports from the public if any foreigners are assumed to bother the local security and order through live chat on www.imigrasi.go.id

Widodo added that previously, Indonesian immigration had taken firm action and had deported foreigners who protested against and disrupted the holding of the G20 Summit. The deported foreigner was Japanese. Meanwhile, Indonesian immigration has secured a Chinese citizen and is being examined by immigration officers.

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